Its World Humanitarian Day!* Today is World Humanitarian Day, a day dedicated to recognize humanitarian personnel and those who have lost their lives working for humanitarian causes. To mark this day, King Tonto Dikeh is calling on all United Nations members, including Nigeria, to take a global action to halt attacks on humanitarian workers delivering aids to victims of conflicts across the world. King Tonto is urging the international community to raise and take action in commemoration of the World Humanitarian Day, marked on August 19 each year. The founder of the Tonto Dikeh Foundation decried the growing disregard for international conventions and rules of engagements that protect women, children, civilians and aid workers by parties to conflicts. King Tonto Dikeh lauds sacrifice of Humanitarian workers and urges action against attacks on aid workers. It could be recalled that, in recent times, aid workers have been attacked and killed in crisis areas in the Northeast of Nigeria in flagrant disregard of international rules of engagement as stipulated by the United Nations during the time of war, or, crisis. King Tonto is urging the international community to halt that act of disobedience of international laws and take stern action against defaulters in order to enshrine a regime of lawfulness and obedience to international statutes. May the souls of all the aid workers that met their untimely death in the hands of lawlessness, the souls of women and children cut in their prime, and the souls of all the Law Enforcement Officers fighting hard to keep Nigeria peaceful, one and indivisible REST IN PERFECT PEACE. AMEN